Hey There :)

Just letting you all know I’m going to be updating the UI to work with iOS 6. Already finished two out of five I think. I will also update the add ons ( instagram/facebook themes ). I’ll update you guys when I am done.

Tomorrow I will add the link exchanges.

Thank you.

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New Theme: Naruto Rivals UI

I added a new theme for purchase in the shop. I am also going to be updating the themes that are in the shop to be compatible for iOS 6 and MAYBE even for the iPhone 5. Follow me on Instagram for more updates. @Lovemythemes ♥

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Free Wallpaper Pack #2

4 Homescreen & 4 Lockscreen Wallpapers

Anything you download from my website are not to be resold, re-formatted, re-posted, given away, changed, traded, revised, decompiled in whole or in part. However, You are allowed to edit for personal use ONLY!

[wpdm_file id=4]

Share your screenshot on Instagram and tag me in it @lovemythemes ♥

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